Recently surfaced photo that seems to have gone along with the “Brit Art” Evening Standard interview in 2004, when Sophie had a part in Vanity Fair and was being tipped to be the next Sienna Miller. (Never happened.)


And I just noticed this bit:

She beat Audrey Tautou to a part in The Story of Isis, a new film in development.

We now know that was the album with Guy Chambers, and it turned out that Chambers originally wanted Audrey Tautou but she turned it down


First choice as a singer was French actress Audrey Tautou. The has become very famous with “Amélie” and Chambers had noticed times as a singer in a Kriegsmelodram. She said, but wanted to spare one day for shooting. When she made it clear that they would never advertise the album, Chambers emphasized her name. A fellow film producer recommended the young actress Sophie Hunter, 28.

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