I hope I’m dead wrong but I don’t think anything will happen in the next couple months. SH will probably show up somewhere again trying to make fetch happen in her next attempt at a ‘job title’, this time as a socialite wife. I guess I”m pessimistic because I’ve gotten used to him just idling along in the sham. I think everything is in place and on a timeline. No new fuckery from SH is encouraging. They’re not doing damage control constantly like before and both staying private.


It’s a fear of mine, not going to lie.  That they got her under control, so no reason to end it.  But then I remember that the birth registration should be available online on Monday…and the clock is ticking on the wedding registry, too.  There’s no kid…so the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to contain it.  If there were a real kid?  I’d be more concerned that they’d drag this out.

They don’t have her under control, narcs like her never stop scheming. She wants the spotlight and the accolades or else. She’s proven herself a liability that can’t be trusted to behave herself at the most basic of events. The main thing is that she has a noticeably negative effect on BC. IMO she is on her way out but we won’t know about it right away.

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