Ben in GQ, awaiting new snotty interview









A small wish list for the interview:

1. No questions about fans or fan art. None. Not even a hint. And no use of the word ‘cumberbitch’ 

2. No mention of private life but if there is a mention, no direct questions about it. 

3. No hating on Sherlock, the character or the hair. 

4. LOTS of discussion of the work – Hamlet, Dr. Strange, Sherlock, Letters Live, charity work. 

5. Nothing that makes him sound elitist or racist. (stop laughing – it could happen)

6. And while we are asking for the impossible – I’d like to wish for me winning the Powerball Lottery which is upwards of $400 million. 

Tbh I’d fear the worst:

‘why he is a classicist through and through’

That video is so very cringe-worthy, so very Serious Actor Man. 

Ballsy:  Cringe-worthy indeed.  And just when I thought BeigeBatch the Boring
couldn’t get any more boring, or pretentious.


And do we have a
reason for all his peers appearing to shun/snub him?  Might they be a little bit put out by he, and
he alone being lauded as UK’s sole contribution to global cinema?

If he was any more
hyped … he’d be in orbit.  Tired of
the over hyping.  He’s a good actor, he
was a fun guy, he’s odd looking, but does look good in certain lighting with certain poses, he
does some charity stuff.    Just like
(takes socks off to count) quite a few other British actors.  Enough of the hyping!

Oh, and Ben?  When you try to do that “slow-mo pretending
to be Bond in tweeds sultry come hither to my 17 bedroom mansion” look, open
your eyes a bit wider, it doesn’t work when you have that Alien Lizard King eye
thing going on.  

a fire going, sips whisky, smokes cigar, reads some 18th Century poetry while
my Butler … oh wait!  I don’t care about any
of THAT shit.  When is The X-Files back
Or are we expected to lap up this pretentious
twatswaddle first? 

Reblogging to second the wishlist, hope for less hype, and HEYYYYYYYYY Fillion!

Hoping for less BeigeBatch and some more of the real deal.

BTW, @benedicts-third-testicle, the X-Files will be back on Sunday, 24 January in the United States for its first episode, followed by a second episode the next day (Monday, the day which will be on from that point onwards), if you care commit the cardinal sin of streaming or illegal downloading just to get some Sculder in your life.

These articles are usually done a few months in advance. Which would put the interview etc. as far back as late October or early November. That would certainly match his appearance in the advert. I do have the impression that Marvel is stepping in and steering him away from Beigebatch. I mean this kind of pretentious BS was what was getting him ripped apart in the Fail etc. PR realized it wasn’t working and that they need to get him back to where he was in mid 2014 and soon for DS’ target audience.

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