to clarify since you mentioned in your post, Oscar Isaac is Guatemalan so he can be referred to as either Guatemalan or Latino since the second term refers to people in general who are from Latin American countries





i’m never sure how ‘latino’ works and I more or less lives in mortal terror of using descriptors like that incorrectly; thank you so much for this important intel.

His mother is Guatemalan, he was born there but his parents brought him to the USA when he was only a few months old. His father is from Cuba. Latino is fine I believe but I wait to be corrected. Personally I don’t give a hoot where he is from.

He just floats my boat ⛵️😍

Latino/Latina means you come from a country that speaks a Latin based language. Spanish is a Latin based language, therefore Isaac can be called Latino.

Gisele Bundchen is from Brazil, and they speak Portuguese, which isn’t a Latin based language. She would be called Brazilian, or Hispanic in general.

Latin based languages are English, French, Spanish and of course, Latin.

I had a Latina friend give me some guidance on this matter.

Not exactly.  Hispanic means from a Spanish speaking country.  So Gisele is Latina (being from Latin America) but NOT Hispanic.  Oscar would be both.

Gator is right. Both Spanish (Castillian etc.) and Portuguese are Romance languages, meaning that they are derived from Latin. The only native non-Romance language spoken in Spain is Basque. Hispanic refers specifically to Spanish speakers. 

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