It’s not happening


No, it isn’t happening, it is all in your cute, but fetid, little mind. Everything you say has been disputed by antis, with receipts and though analysis. You fool no one outside the small corner of Tumblr called “the sewer” with your own anons to yourself – which are obvious. I will consider myself “fucked off” thank you.

AW, how adorable. I’m not going to argue with you. Because I know the truth. You can get nasty all you want. It won’t change the truth. I could lose all my followers and it won’t change the truth. So I don’t get what you are trying to prove…other than trying to upset me. And that failed, too.

I’ll tell you what’s “not happening”: FETCH. That’s why the stannies and antis are throwing a fit. In her typical dopeheaded fashion SH fucked up what should have been an easy PR gig. I too work in the medical field and can tell you that this type of blatant patient pimping is frowned upon. Disney’s not-so-subtle message to her was transmitted in front of millions of people. Was that all in our heads too? Rational adults understand that there are consequences for overstepping your bounds. SH and Co. are about to find out how unpleasant these can be…

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