So, this is a nice fan fiction. That is except for the mistakes in spelling and grammar. Any person who intends on becoming involved with any celebrity, for whatever reason, is aware that it will not be a normal relationship. Some celebrities have to change their phone numbers weekly, even daily. That’s just to avoid reporters and paparazzi. Reasoning, rational adults would have this conversation before entering any relationship, especially when you enter into a relationship with a celebrity. Beyond the normal type of “this is my baggage, what’s yours?” and the always required, “I have had this many lovers and this many social diseases” any person wanting to become part of a celebrity couple whether temporarily or permanently should have some very detailed and frank discussions. An actor, in particular, should discuss what exactly constitutes “cheating” and what is acceptable and what is definitely “NOT OKAY”. Some couples may be willing to make sacrifices and able to adapt to changing conditions. Most actors do not french kiss on stage. On film, it’s different. As an actor, your significant other may be required to make love, albeit a simulation, with some people they may find attractive. If you can’t be comfortable with that, you shouldn’t enter into the relationship.

Although it is not this blog’s purpose to suggest a reasonable course of action, it will offer some advice, to be taken or left as one sees fit. A good general rule is that if you can’t manage to say the word sex, you should not be engaging in the activity. Since this involves the rational brain, not the part of the brain usually considered the base of some physical urges, it may be difficult to control oneself. The pesky word in this sentance is control. Some people have it and some do not. Perhaps it is far past the time for self-control on this world wide web we weave. However, the damage is done so at least show some self-respect and don’t put something like the above post where other people can read it. The general population will assume you to be a child and not the adults we all know you are.

My… I love it when people put words in my mouth. But I don’t expect much more from this troll.

Is that why BC was telling his hook-ups that he’s single for all intents and purposes? SH lives in a property owned by her (ex?) lover, I mean Enty flat out said it months before it was confirmed. BC is already doing what most men stuck in miserable unions do: cheat. I don’t know where they get the idea that BC is going to be loyal to someone like SH…

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