I’m gonna go against gender norms here, but I think I’d be least surprised by Jennifer Love Hewitt followed closely by Keira Knightley. And I think that they’d be the most boring serial killers ever– non-detectable poisons. 

I’ve given this some thought. 

I’d be least surprised by Steve Buscemi.  He looks like he has some bodies under his belt.  Al Roker would surprise me the most.

Jack Nicholson. Reasons.

He drugged folks in the sixties and seventies I’d bet.

I was gonna say Jack Nicholson or Dick Cheney.  Oh wait…

Well, rumor has it Brad Pitt had something to do with the death of a party girl in Greece while filming Troy. That included disposing of her body. If they were both using hard drugs? It wouldn’t surprise me. Snuff parties are also a thing in showbiz…

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