When Sophie started university, universities in Britain were still all free. The UK didn’t introduce tuition fees until the late 1990s, when Sophie was 20. So she would not have had to pay a single penny to attend university and her living costs would have been covered by the government, as would every other student at the time. Though her dad was an underwriter for Lloyds which is basically a watchword in London for £££££££££££££££££. The card thing’s probably just a retirement hobby.


So using SH went to Oxford as a way to say she’s rich wouldn’t be accurate…hmm. And I think the card thing, well at first I heard poker series player, then that he teaches cards at the Groucho club, something with cards.

I think Anon is forgetting that SH’s parents divorced when she was in her teens. She implied that it was a miserable time for her. How much do you want to bet that her living standards dropped? Her dad remarried shortly after that and had two more kids. So if anything her stepmother and half siblings are enjoying a more affluent lifestyle. No trust fund for SH, no allowance after 18 either, just loans. 

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