Sophie Hunter possibly wearing BURBERRY PRORSUM Paneled printed canvas and silk-georgette midi dress ($3,995) as she went to see Benedict Cumberbatch, her husband play Hamlet one last time. 

And this time, she did indeed take the curtain theme to the max.

Do you see the man with the red cap and the buttons on it? You can also catch a glimpse of that cap in the right upper corner of the first two pics. 

So, she isn’t seen in the pic from above as she was sitting just *outside* of the angle the pic was taken. I think in the 2nd or 3rd row seen from top. 

In the words of Haha-Anon:


How nice of her to recycle her grandmother’s clothes!

There’s a reason we left this crap in the seventies.

I still think that looks a like a skull in the left corner. Im also shocked she managed to find a dress that didnt have the pockets up front

that dress is screaming for a plastic cover and pillows.

Ah Burberry, another loaner. The cut is ok but that mishmash of five different patterns is eye-hurting. What is ridiculous is the price of the damn thing. 6 grand for a maxi dress that looks like it was made from scraps of discounted fabric? It’s a good thing BC isn’t paying for it because SH doesn’t even know how to pick or wear flattering clothing. 

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