monologuesanon: Just to add to this discussion, my impression from last night is that Ben is very, very shy now that he is famous. You can only tell a little without speaking directly, but he did not seem relaxed at the end in the way that the other actors did when taking a bow (e.g. James McAvoy, similar fame level, seemed really happy and chilled), he seems a bit awkward, and Chiwetel Ejiofor stayed at the bar all night happy to be seen. Only other one who missed the party was Kidman.


I’m enjoying your insights, monologuesanon!

Shy my ass. The Lord of the Photobomb is anything but “shy”. Why can’t people see that he’s ashamed because of the mountains of shade people in the industry keep throwing his way? No one buys the BS that he keeps shilling and he knows it. Oh and they hate the ShamWife too…

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