“Style Icon” ??


Hmmm….doesn’t SHC tag their photos with that?

Maybe we found one of the peeps who deals with the upkeep.

*I need to catch my breath from laughing too hard*

Style icon? What did I miss? *sarcasm*

Correction, bad style icon. If SH ran into the Fashion Police this is what they’d give her:

That happens when people use words they actually have no clue what it means. 🙈 I bet they found “icon” somewhere on twitter and thought it sounded nice.

However I have to say it’s mostly not the dresses fault, it’s more that Sops is an awful model. If you put woman with female attributes into these dresses they are quite pretty.

Sops is more like a chipboard. She has no hips, no butt and her boobs remind me on Netherlands hill landscape. They apparently have been flattened out from all the breastfeeding. 😳

I have pointed out that SH’s body is ruler/column shaped. Narrow hips, proportionately broad waist, flat backside and small droopy breasts. She’s tall and long-limbed which makes her look somewhat elegant but that’s it. While I still don’t care for most of the dresses she’s worn they would look a lot better on a different body type. Woof-Woof should stick to dressing men…

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