Last photo:  Mama
Wanda is on the right, Tim is behind that man. SoSo and Adam already left.


Ballsy:  Here’s a report and some pics from someone
who was at the Black Mass Premiere.   Big
hugs and thanks to you Hun!  😀

So-So wasn’t sat directly next to Benedict? Adam was?  Odd.

She also added a caption to another photo of So-So (it’s blurry tho) “
I have a few of
Sophie, but they are all horrible.  I was calling her name while I took
these, so they are of her actively ignoring me LOL”


I was at the premiere. I hope I can remember everything.
They both were almost an hour late, according to what security was told. Both
wives did brief press pics with hubbies then were whisked away. Amber was
waving when people called out to her but she didn’t sign anything. So
completely ignored everyone. I even called her name to get a pic but she
ignored me too. JD did not do any press from what I could see, except the one
with Edith. He signed for everyone, but no selfies. He was super nice. Seemed
high/drunk (handler was literally holding him up) but also seemed genuinely
thankful to everyone who was there. Ben of course talked too much in the press
area so I didn’t get his autograph, just some pictures of him walking by. He
was still doing the interview with Edith when I went in. I sat kind of near
them in the theater. Seating went: Benedict, Adam, Sophie, 7 people I didn’t
recognize, Wanda, Tim. At the end of the movie his family were standing for a
few minutes in the upstairs lobby area, then So and AA left. A few minutes
later the parents left. Parents did not get on the buses to go to the after
party, they walked towards where the RC started. I didn’t see where SoSo went.  A friend was waiting outside for me and said
his parents just walked by her. She was by the hotel where the RC started.

Ballsy:  Caption correction: last pic – it looks like you can just see
So-So in the BG here.  So this might be a
before, rather than after she left shot.

So AH has more manners and a smaller ego than SH? SH is an overweening nobody that will drop back to E-List once this is over. Looks like the stannies lied again, but is that really any surprise? CB implied that SH and WV+TC all left together and did not even mention AA. Someone else implied that they got on the same buses to go to the after party. The truth is that they only chatted for a bit and then they went their separate ways. After that BC went to GN and later to a hotel both times by himself. Now, why would AA sit next to BC in the theater? He could have sat on the other side of BC. He’s serving as a buffer between him and SH. Remember how he also sat in the back seat of the taxi after the Hamlet premier? AA knows what is going on and has only reconciled with BC recently. There was tea that AA’s wife hates SH so that makes two.  

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