now i wonder what she is talking about here. no one has said anything of the sort.

Now it makes more sense.  I wonder if she was my anon saying that I was like Mark Chapman?  Wow.  Either she is trying to frame me for something or she’s really gone off the deep end…or both.

Hitman? Next thing you know she’ll accuse us of starting a crowdfunding campaign to hire one! Accidents? Can happen to anyone and are up to chance. Overdose? Addicts do that to themselves, better call for an intervention then. Jesus, these people are literally flying off their rocker. I hope AA refers them to mental health services ASAP…

I’d like to know where this person saw talk of hiring a hitman. Even if its in jest, I will block. I’ve never seen that among the sceptics, so I guess AB is imagining it. AB, since you’re reading these blogs – where did you see talk of a hitman?

No skeptic has talked about hiring someone to take anyone out FFS! These false accusations are nothing more than a cry for attention from a disturbed stanny.

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