A fan’s explanation as to why Ben rushed stage door on Sept 29, 2015, and it has to do with a little dude named Christopher.



Ooooh, the famous fake excuse again. Remind me why he didn’t remember he had a child when he attended that party the other night? And the week before that? And the week before that? And… Well, you get my point.

Seriously, B’. Stop it.

Still shoehorning the ShamBub? “Gotta get home ASAP, I need to dust Kit off…” Srsly BC, even if it were not a ‘reborn’ I’ve never heard CH or any other celeb parent use the same lame excuse over and over again. ShamBub only matters when BC has a party or meeting to attend or he simply doesn’t feel like doing SD. A simple, “I’m tired.” or “I’ve other things to do.” would suffice. But as BC himself admitted he doesn’t want his fans to get mad at him. How does that song go? Oh yes, ”I’mma keep on lying to you until you think it’s the truth.”

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