Hello, this might look a bit strange, but I really like your blog AND I think there is a baby. I am a sceptic too, but I never thought that they faked the pregnancy. Maybe it is an Oops-baby, maybe it was planned, I do not know but certainly they are not happy. I hope it is OK to visit your blog nevertheless, because, as I said, I like it here.


My blog is for everyone! Skeptics, hesitant fans dipping their feet for the first time either out of curiosity or the WTFry of the showmance is just too entertaining to look away, even haters can feast their eyes on my page.

I, from what have seen, believe there is a baby. Whether it’s 100% BC’s by blood or C3 is BC’s by spirit, a rushed after thought before TIG started to play at film festivals/campaigning strategy, or BC got cocky and skipped the rubber and like Forrest Gump, got SH pregnant on their first and only time.

Let me put it this way, based on all the tea I’ve gotten? Probably not. If you see a flesh and blood ShamBub? It’s a loaner or they ‘adopted’ one. If by any chance SH did have a child? She purposely obscured how far along she was as per BI because it’s not BC’s. People in the London theater community kept saying that they knew who SH’s SBF was, that BC was stuck raising another man’s kid but that he’d never admit the truth. After PSFF his fate was sealed…

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