Sparks flying, Benedict and Sophie steal the show as the walk into the The Burberry S/S16 Womenswear Runway Show tent.

Gotta say, I love her shoes.  Actually they are both dressed 1000% better than usual, which is good considering they are at Fashion Week.

Yeah they better have stepped it up for fashion week, especially at the Burberry show.

She may actually have combed her hair too! Too late guys, way too late

Now this is where I differ – because her man shoes and flood pants – really? Guess Karon gave her stylist over to her. Yeesh! Going to a fashion show wearing an outfit you’d only see at a Burlington Coat Factory Sale.

Yeah. Coat is ok, contrasting top ok, pants are wrong style and the outfit would look better with white boots. That and a black+white accent necklace or scarf would pull everything together IMO. These fug shoes look like the pilgrim style ones she wore to LL. I checked out a closeup and I could almost scrape the makeup off my monitor. It’s a ‘natural’ look that isn’t. Even with the help of a stylist she never quite nails it…

Her breast want that big at all during any of her pregnancy. Strange. Could say she’s milking it for all it’s worth!

Maybe she bought new ones?

Yeah, removable silicon inserts. SH was definitely using a padded bra at the pre-Oscar party and on a few other occasions. She was back to her usual size for today’s solo outing. 

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