Today’s article in the the Daily Express about Benedict Cumberbatch. –Aug 5, 2015

They shouldn’t have put her smug mug on there, she’s got nothing to do with Hamlet. Look at her ‘embellished’ CV, Opera for Change never even happened. Aside from ‘directing’ Phaedra…wait AS directed the actual musicians, so pray tell what exactly did SH do again? Besides a collabo with the dress designer for the rotating toilet roll concept. Pick location, get designer to make the dress and some guy to make armature. 

Orchestra folks and Ruby are pros so they are doing their own thing, as are the lighting and sound people. What’s left that other people aren’t taking care of already? Think about it. She has never directed a proper classical music performance or opera in her whole fucking life. She has never won an award for anything. Misinformation overload. I’m going to be reiterating all of these uncomfortable truths in more than one comment section. It has to be done, this is an insult to the audience’s intelligence.

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