I say let this pathetic excuse for a person/artist/actress/director have her literal 15 minutes of fame. Because the second BC is done with her? It will be: WHO? There’s no question, she will be right back to Nobody’s Land where she belongs and every scheming thing she is doing, it will be for nothing. She can try to make herself sound and look important, but bought out articles won’t open doors for her in the theater world thanks to her lies. And being Ex Mrs C won’t either.


Very true. I just don’t want her dragging Benedict down with her.

SH hates BC because she can’t control him. She may damage his rep with lies and smear campaigns but if I were her I’d try to find a new sugardaddy ASAP. Before she starts treading water. Someone who can’t steal the spotlight, a Herb to her Scarlet. If BC annuls? She wont even have the privilege of calling herself his ex-wife!

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