Check Yourself anon:


People trying to excuse SH’s behavior with “poor girl is dating a star!” need to check themselves. Did Anna James act like this? Did Olivia? Hell, even Lydia “I only date famous, older men” Hearst kept herself contained. KE… well. Not so much. What did all these women have in common? Oh, yeah, legit careers, connections, and ambitions they didn’t need a husband or rich uncles *ahem* to fund. Look at each verified gf BC’s had and not a single one of them, not even his “first wife” OP, were standing on tables for Vogue, sticking their nose up at fans, and blatantly fibbing about their accomplishments (or lack thereof). So SH isn’t “poor delicate Diana II” or “Amal v.2” or what have you.  Nans and apologists need a nice, bracing cup of Reality Check Tea.


TFOE: Let’s just make a picnic out of it!

BC’s real SO could be a humble ‘civilian’, there is nothing wrong with that. One of the most successful Hollywood marriages that I know of was between an A-List heartthrob and a diner waitress. What matters is the person’s character, their integrity. What isn’t excusable is being dishonest, arrogant and rude. Out of all the women that BC’s been publicly linked to SH has the absolute worst disposition and reputation!

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