OMG that July calendar! Slap some hamlet rehearsals in there and Benedict has spent less than two weeks worth of time w his son. What a joke. My dad worked two jobs and spent more off days and evening w us. If there is a baby, ben is literally spending less time w him than my immigrant dad working multiple jobs back when it wasn’t as expected for dads to be so hands on. Pathetic


Another anon: Ha ha I liked that quote about his son growing up seeing his father really focused on work. That’s a nice way of saying he is not around much to raise his son. If by balance social and fam life they mean he goes to every event possible over spending an evening home rocking his son, then so far they are dead on. Benny boy can’t seem to stay away enough hours a day


TFOE: All these days but I still can’t stay away from the theater.

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Well, I don’t think BC wants Poly/Stunstie/Notmybaby to get too attached or vice-versa so it’s all for the best ;). Considering all the gay/beard rumors flying around something tells me Herself ain’t happy. SH is like a Category 5 Tornado of Pure Fuckery when things don’t go according to plan…

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