Yeah, I would like to hear more about the music. There wouldn’t be a show without after all, you know?


Because that narc bish always makes it about her even if the other team members are doing the bulk of the work. I’m so sick and tired of her BS (as apparently 90+% of readers are) that the only reason why I don’t want this to flop is because AS and RP don’t deserve it. But I will be very pleased if an astute critic picks apart any and all mistakes made on SoFail’s behalf. She’s doing the same thing to BC, taking the light not only from his eyes but from his actual work. For doing what? A quarter-hour stint at some obscure literary festival? For all the press she’s been getting you would think that she’s directing something truly ‘avant-garde’ at the Royal Opera House. BC, it’s time to cut your losses…

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