Mega Post (27th July) # 3



(3/1)  I’m not sure if
this was mentioned. The most pathetic aspect is imo the fact that being a
THEATRE DIRECTOR is presented as her full-time job, yet she’s incapable of
writing a short piece about what’s she doing for a fucking living without
plagiarism, fluffing, blatant lies. How can anyone think she is a
ground-breaking artist, when she cannot even write an article on her own? She
sounds as if she tried to convince herself she’s worthy, that she fits the
image of herself. In fact, she’s just weak

Ballsy:  Oh, it’s “Experimental” now.  Emperor’s new clothes.  That’s all she is.   All fluff. 
No substance.

(3/2)  Thought I’d
check out the old comments section at the Guardian. Last time I looked it was
at 50 comments with a lot of deletions. Now it’s at 64, and of the first dozen
or so, all but 2 are deleted by the moderator. Doesn’t look like Xophie’s
feeling the love, does it?

Ballsy:  No love. 
No fetch.  But then, that’s what
liars deserve.

(3/3)  BC was at Duck and
Waffle for lunch today.

Ballsy:  Do we have pictures?  No pics?  Puts it in the maybe pile. I’m seeing a lot of shilling of the Duck and Waffle tho.  Let’s get a few plugs going in there, and why
not pop up their menu while we’re at it? 


(¾)  I get the
impression that Mrs C is like an indulged child sneaking into an adults’ party.
Everybody smiles at her, pats her head, gives her little treats like designer
dresses from last year – and then sends her to bed because she does not belong
there. Yes, she got some perks since her name got connected with Ben’s, but
nobody seems to take her seriously. She got old clothes, some little gigs and
is only known as Ben’s wife. They don’t look happy in marriage, he just keeps
her for his image

Ballsy:  She also tried to sit at the kiddie table,
but didn’t play nice or fair. So we put tacks on her chair and refused to let
her cheat at scrabble.  Then she thru the
tiddlywinks at us and stormed off.  It’s
much nicer without her. 

(3/5)  What is Mes C’s
hold over her husband? Very simple: she is his wife and the mother of his baby.
Her existence helped him change his image and he wants to make that work. He is
serious actor, settled in his private life. Married with child. She was there,
fell pregnant, played along. Now they are sleeping in the bed of roses they
made for themselves. But reality never proves to be like your plans and dreams
and roses have thorns. But he is not one for letting go and will stick it out.
his image!

Ballsy:  First. 
Everything about this “relationship” was timed to key TiG Promo and
Awards.  Even their little French Open
outing.  I have a chart.  Timed. 
It’s not a “got married” & “had kid” thing.  Showmance.  
So, playing along with “that’s what he wants folk to think”.  Change his image?  How’s that going for you Benny Boy?  Didn’t get any awards, off lists, including
the Bond List and loads of shade and side-eye. 
Oh, he got a CBE?  Has he talked
about that yet?  No?  Where are all his friends and
colleagues?  Where’s the industry respect
he used to have?  Oh, we just got an
article with folk talking him up.  Old
teachers, first agent and folk he’s worked with in the past.  The past. 
How about future work as “Mr Serious actor”.  Only seeing Dr Strange and Sherlock coming up
after Hamlet.  Clinging to this
image?  It hasn’t been helping him so far.


(3/6)  RPh2:
“Look what The Guardian just posted. A lovely article on BC. No mention of
anything personal – no wife, no baby.” That’s not true, they did mention
the wife and baby. What happened? Did Ben contact them and demand a shoehorning
as personal life mentions was part of the deal?

Ballsy:  Yes, there’s one little line in there.  Easily missed tho.  A shoe-horn.

(3/7)  Y’all are too
damn suspicious sometimes. SophieHunterCentral didn’t send the ask about the
LinkedIn page to SOGO, that was me. – Art History Anon

Ballsy:   Not me, I never claimed that.  In fact I didn’t think that at all.  I figured it was indeed just an
observation.  But I did reblog the post
just to remind folk to be wary of any Social Media links on any of these
potential PR or Anti sites.  That’s the
reason.  Have to be cautious about

(3/8)  ha ha. tfoe
posted this. authentic opera people and their response to NoGo SoGo ha ha

Ballsy:  Let’s hope we get some reviews from authentic
opera people of her “experimental vision” this weekend then:


(3/9)  What I wouldn’t
give to be a fly on the wall at Wanda & Tim’s house tonight. Don’t imagine
their conversation is any too uplifting. I feel sorrier for them having to
watch this happen to their boy than I do for BC himself.

Ballsy:  Why tonight? 
Why not any night since this mess started?  And Ben was fit and healthy before all of
this, look at him now?  Imagine what the
stress from this is doing to his elderly parents!


(3/10)  Hey, folks,
just enjoy the subtlety of the Guardian’s actions. Guardian Arts knows its
central audience. Guardian did not have to turn on/allow comments. The G knows
its audience will demolish a pseud/arts wanker in quick time. And hey, there’s
the bonus of claims of lack of ‘authorial integrity; ie plagiarism.
‘Skeptics/side-eyers’ shouldn’t care that yr own comments are deleted… The
‘high’ arts/lit cognoscenti are doing the heavy lifting/the demolition. Leave
’em to it

Ballsy:  I didn’t comment there, because I didn’t have
too.  Tho the article on Benedict is
getting some negative flak too.  The
usual tho.  Posh bashing. Any time his
education and upbringing gets brought up, and Harrow is named, it starts.

3/5 nonny: How the hell did “SH’s existence” ‘help’ BC? Oh yeah, she’s helping ruin him. The ShamWow has been a PR disaster from Day 1. People conveniently forget that BC was all but dragged kicking and screaming into this mess. It’s when he had no choice left that he bit the bullet and seemed resigned to his fate like a prisoner on death row. If you think this is going well and he can keep up this charade indefinitely then look at him. Better yet, compare his current physical condition to his appearance a year go. We have rumors of paternity fraud left and right along with signs of a faked pregnancy + stuntsie. BC’s reaction at PSFF? Explain please, why he looked flabbergasted…didn’t he know she would show? The truth is that SH has never “played along” which is why BC is going to have to abandon ship before his career goes down with it. Add to that the numerous things about this whole setup that just don’t make sense? Fauxmance. Derailed. Con-artistry at it’s finest. There. Stop treating it like a ‘normal’ real relationship, it’s not.

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