i love you gator, but ben has a lot of money. he could get a lawyer and get out. how on earth have you verfied these sources? i don’t mean to be a pita, but im skeptical of any and all skeptics who claim to have sources, i question anything i don’t see. i would question my own mother unless i could verify stuff myself. ppl deal w drug addicts and criminals. there are ways go deal w this shit legally. something doesnt ring true. not trying to be an asshole, but i need a tad more than that


I’m not trying to insult you, nonny. But it’s obvious you have never been in an abusive relationship. Or been faced with a psychotic person. I have. No amount of money can save you. Fear is a HUGE motivator. And people like Sophie feed off of it. They keep their prey so off balance, confused, and scared that they don’t even think to get a lawyer. Or change their minds after thinking about it. Add the fear of losing your entire career? I’m sorry, but you are totally wrong here.

Not only has Anon not been in a soul-destroying toxic relationship he/she doesn’t know just how dirty some people can play. In politics and showbiz? Where the stakes are high and ‘secrets’ abound? Please. To have a strong case you need proof that’s not always easy to come by and professional blackmailers know how to cover their asses very well. Don’t get me started with the connections that many have within the legal and financial sector…

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