From Aeltri’s comments, “So that the thinking public can see what a ‘constellation’ SH is, how she shines with the light of many suns…or at least one: BC.” I disagree. For the thinking public, the only place she stands now is in the shadow of a very big sun. AND, after writing that article, she just elevated his waffling to a level that no one will ever complain about ever again.


Indeed.    At least his waffling reflects intelligent thought.

LOL. That was in reference to her constant name-dropping and the fact that her fame is tied to BC. She’s like a pseudoplanet (sorry Pluto) that only shines with reflected light. But maybe a more apt comparison would be a Black Hole. It’s detectable because of the energy given off by the matter that falls into it. In this case it’s in the process of devouring BC’s star…

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