When marriage is bad for business…

This A-list actor really needs to get straight. I’ve heard he cost his previous movie so much money with delays because of his problems that they seriously threatened to take it out of his back-end. He and his wife are constantly breaking-up and getting back together again over his substance abuse, but – like him – she’s a child in mindset, thinking its all game that they’re playing when they’re actually costing a studio millions of dollars and damaging his already dwindling career. Our C-list actress wife has her own problems, mostly she is borderline deluded. She believes that she should have a career near his level and the only reason she doesn’t is audience envy over her looks. Johnny Depp “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”/Amber Heard

Is it just me or does this read like the future of the ShamWow? Just replace JD with BC and AH with SH. 

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