Here we have the progression of the Magical Up/Down
Cumberbaby.   And this isn’t the only
reason this pregnancy has been questioned. 

I have a whole tag for funsies:

  • The timeline has been messed with so much, I’m
    not even sure what century it is!

  • There were “rumour leaks” similar to, and via
    the same sources as the SGF rumours. 

  • The preg follows along with and has also managed
    milestones that coincide with key TIG Promo/Awards timelines – much like the
    entire “relationship” and its key milestones. 

  • He got “Pissy” at the beginning of
    September.  This seemed to indicate
    finding out about an “oopsy”, but no, that seems to be the conception date, actually
    – more like a week later, when he was in Toronto.

  • She was drinking wine at the ESAs,
    appearing tipsy.   Also a bit of that at the
    BIFAs.  Skeptics noted that glasses in
    front of her at the GGs changed in liquid volumes.  Coloured liquid, not water.

  • The “reveal” at the PSIFF appeared to surprise
    Ben.  Substantiated by him then going
    AWOL, not answering any questions about the baby, until he lost the GG, then he
    shoehorned it in.  This indicates that he
    didn’t know about this all along, and it was therefore not the reason for the

  • He then talked about it in VERY strange and
    distancing language.  Avoided looking at
    Sophie on the screen during the Ellen interview.  And sounded like he was mocking her at LAX by
    shouting “Pregnant Lady” just before veering her towards a bin. 

  • At her next showing she was “nascent” and pics
    showed very little in the way of a bump.

  • Next showing 8 days later.  She has a large bump, popped belly button,
    backless dress (to prove it?) and “waddled”. 
     She also removed Ben’s arm from
    her back, twice.

  • She did not “waddle” at the Oscars, or appear to
    on other outings.   

  • She has not gained any weight (not counting the
    up/down bump) during this entire pregnancy. 
    Comparing with Keira, a naturally very thin girl – who has gained weight
    all over, including ankles.  Sophie has
    looked like she actually lost weight, with bones showing. 

  • She has not acted in any way maternal.  No bump touching, just skirting it with her arms.  Same for Ben. 
    He actually held his hand away from the bump when expected to touch it
    on the Oscars RC.  Other pregnant couples
    there did actually rub theirs.  Keira has
    in a few interviews too. 

  • Considering that at 36/37 (38?) she
    automatically is a high-risk pregnancy they have been incredibly irresponsible
    throughout.  The drinking mentioned
    above, excess travel, sun tanning, whale watching on a boat – not recommended for pregnant woman,
    and travel to the tropics where there are warnings about a disease outbreak
    dangerous to pregnant women.

  • Fake preg prosthetics exist, easily
    obtained.  Benedict has his own personal
    stylist, who has also stepped in to dress Sophie. 

  • Bora Bora.  
    14 weeks / 3 ½ months prior to this “birth” showing a 7-8 month
    belly.   That’s not humanly possible. 

And now we have an announcement that it’s a “beautiful baby
boy”.   Announcement prepped on 8th
June, but held until today – after he got a lot of negativity about getting the
CBE.  Hmmmm.  There’s that timing again.

Anyhoo.  ^^^ Would any
Scientists like to has a looky?  Might be
a Nobel in this one (well, an Ig Nobel). 
Or perhaps a Journo?  There HAS to
be an explanation, surely?   

I’m still not entirely convinced that she was not pregnant but that’s more for the fact that BC had been a more or less sincere guy and I still refuse to believe he would agree to join such a impertinent and reasonless lie. Ok, he’s never been good in looking at the big picture

However to join a showmance is one thing.
To piss off a worldwide fandom + denounce wannabe wife and her folks + embarrass his entire family in public + to live with this disgrace and make his family to live with this disgrace for the rest of their lives…. well, that picture is so huge that even he could hardly miss it.

The picture above showing BC, Mr. Ed and Princess Anne reminds me that I saw DM comments back then pointing out how huge Soapy looked and people were wondering about twins. These comments were some of the first and they got deleted. Later on the removal of comments stopped so that now a few pregnancy comments are left.


Also I find ridiculous to hold back the baby’s name. Unless of course there is nothing to name and they decide to go without a fake name to not get attached emotionally.

Even more suspicious

Well, it’s about time something happens otherwise those people who did believe in a child at one point will turn away and change sides. Not good 🙊

I’m seeing this very thing happen more every day. None of us wanted to believe Benedict would willingly go along with this. But the longer he pretends that he has a child, the more it looks like he is willing to live a lie. And the more respect of his fans, peers and potential employers he loses.

What is in his way right now is probably Hamlet. Even though I don´t think he will be able to follow through it but will have a nervous breakdown instead. He´s body is not in right shape to withstand the strains and I wouldn´t be surprised to hear that during his performances Doctors were around to “help” him out a little to keep him on his toes.

Once Hamlet is over he´ll probably step back once again for a while to prepare for DS. During that time they´ll still be in press though. Public must not forget about the powercouple with occasional blackouts.

It´s even likely that we will be reminded even more aggressively than before on the loving wife and the happy family. We will be introduced to more of her talents and see a lot of career changes. The world will be impressed what an amazing talent she has become!

And yes, that´s exactly what he wants to make sure urgently. Make sure she is respected and in a good shape before stepping on a RC in Tinseltown with her again. At the moment they are both a laughing-stock.

I expect her even to take acting classes. A lot of hugging and kissing from her side will suddenly be going on and it is necessary because BC has to get a grip on his sham-wife.
He needs to get his life and career under control otherwise their lack of
professionalism will bounce back into his face.

That still doesn´t make it a loving couple though, so don´t worry.
Every showmance ends up with a break up or filing a divorce sooner or later.

I just hope he doesn’t fuck up his career in the meantime

He has already but if he’ll be able to save his ass before the sinking ship joins the Titanic that will be a matter of connections and networking. talk to the right people at the right time about the right topic. make sure to be at the events where they are to meet them. and don’t piss off your publicist because she’s the one who makes the introduction …. mostly 💐

I’m afraid it will take more than that. I think he’s in the process of burning some serious bridges. And it’s getting too late to call the firefighters.

What talents? What career changes? Give it up, SH ain’t happening and acting etc. classes aren’t going to do her any good. She’s almost universally disliked even by people in the industry and she’s helped burn BC’s bridges left and right. SH’s made a bad impression with the general public that’s going to stick for as long as she is with BC. Loving family? No one in their right mind is buying that, it’s too late. She may have a bit of a better chance as a vocalist but collabos are all she will ever do. The problem is that like Amber Heard she wants a high-powered career like her SO! God help BC and JD… 

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