Submit: TH & EO, we all need a break from BC





Ballsy:   Ah,
but wasn’t that whole thing a “decoy” and she’s dating Chris Evans now?  
Oooooohhhhh … methinketh they are drumming
up speculation.  Excitement!   And it’ll get them in the news.  Right before the film festivals start.  Right before his Oscar campaign.  Whistles. 
Hiddlestoners?  Circle “late
August/early September” on your calendar. 😉

Yep. Watch this space, y’all!

Now they will know our pain but if this is a show/fauxmance I think EO is going to be a lot more professional about it than SoFail. No doubt about that, so I wish TH the best in this RL romcom. Even if some fauxmance co-stars decide to marry because they get lazy or whatever a setup like this does not make for a stable foundation. PR insists on pairing celebs up and we’ve all seen how well that usually turns out…

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