Hey S and V, what do you guys think of BC and the bday celebration with whole family tweet.


Some posh actor turning 40 is not exactly interesting news to me so I didn’t really read all the tweets that came across our dash TBH. I only read the four we rebloged and I didn’t  see anything suspect about them. 


They were a bit suspect for more than one reason. Girl said that she wanted to marry SH because she was so beautiful. I mean really? Who says that? If it did happen it was planned to counteract all the deets going around about SH being non-maternal, BC looking better without her and openly flirting with other women (which he did). So out comes the Notmybaby and SH even forgets to eat because she is doting on him. Nanny’s day off, SH definitely has one. Her parents aren’t around to take care of a baby that needs to be fed every 2 hours when she is working on her much avant-garde cantata staged as an opera. Oh and Notmybaby doesn’t seem to resemble BC. Surprise, surprise I’ve been saying it all along…

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