The British film stars taking the world by storm




Is this just an extension of the shoot we knew about from a few weeks ago? I can’t keep them straight. But…wow. Humiliating much?

Ok. Am I right that his only mention was in the part about Martin? And did they really refer to Hiddleston as “Best Man”? And this was GQ?


It’s getting real, y’all. I know we don’t want to see it, but it’s really happening, whether we like it or not. 😟

We should call SH ‘Pylenora’, her toxicity is evident in that she is jump starting her moribund ‘career’ at BC’s expense. In an ideal setup they would both get a boost! A good marriage makes you a better person, men especially often look healthier. What she is working on is called a ‘vanity project’, kudos if she gets beyond that point but I doubt it. SH is a kept woman, even when she was with Shawcross I doubt that she footed her fair share. She’s basically going to jump out of the HMS Douchecanoe and into a mega-yacht after drilling a hole in it. Sadly, I don’t think that’s the only leak BC is going to have to deal with…


The British film stars taking the world by storm

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