Cumbernews for Thursday 9th July 2015


You know what’s more interesting?  The New Horizons probe is almost at
Pluto.  Pluto!  Okay, not a planet anymore but it’s fucking FAR!   And WE, a bunch of over-evolved apes on this
little pale blue dot sent a spaceship there! 
I think that’s pretty cool. 

Anyhoo.  Turns
GoogleProbe back towards Earth, zooms in on London, zooms in on “Cumberbatch”,
targets (my probe has “lasers”!): 

  • Why
    the Garrick Club was right to not allow female members
    .   He
    defends it by touting that it’s all geriatrics there anyhoo and that there are plenty
    of women only spaces.  And Benedict.  He ends the article by using Benedict as an
    example – and even gets in a jab about the Feminist T-Shirt.  Figured that had to happen:

    There is, however, one final, delicious
    payoff in the Garrick affair. With joyous hypocrisy, posh totty Benedict
    Cumberbatch – of “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt fame – is a member.
     Furthermore, he describes the Garrick’s
    library as “an oasis of quiet”. Could that solace be boosted by the fact that
    Mrs Cumberbatch is excluded?  See? Even
    one of Britain’s foremost male feminists likes some time away from his other
    half. Tell that to your missus next time she tries to clamp down on your man

    Yes, he does seem to like to spend a lot of time away from the Missus.  Where is the Garrick Club again?  Soho.  Not far from all the places he’s been spotted
    at in recent months.  Sips.  Oasis indeed. 

Other than that:  he
gets mentions in articles about Sherlock Holmes/Dr Strange (nothing new).  An article about Poldark.  One about Toddles.   A
couple of theatre productions (one on Sherlock, the other is Amazing
Grace).   And that’s it. 

Sees Yas!




LOL, basically he’s saying that BC and SH can’t stand each other. It also implies that SH is an emasculating termagant. Maybe BC vented to a fellow member/s or they just noticed that something was ‘off’. You’re not fooling anyone Benny boy…

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