Sophie Hunter did an interview 10 days before having babeBatch for Harper’s Bazaar. She looks so artsy and THEATER DIRECTOR like in that headshot!

“…the minute I realized I had the ability to inspire other people, I couldn’t let it go.”

Meaning: “I got addicted to ppl patting me on the back for directing, no matter how many ppl did or didn’t like my work.”

I’m sorry, but she does sound super stuck up with this sentence. She reminds me of this French actress I helped awhile back, who was trying to direct an interpretative dance production – that thing was super pretentious and went nowhere.

Hopefully some cool visual devices or gimmicks will make SH’s production more interesting, instead of being disappointing from the hype (apparently created by SH and her PR team).

SH couldn’t even inspire Valentino’s designers enough to create an original dress for her. BC probably thinks of her as his anti-muse and the general public? Can’t be inspired to care about her Royal Basic-ness.

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