I am offended yet amused by that quote about B.



TFOE: I’m surprised but not really that surprised if you get what I mean. I’m surprised it actually happened, but it was sort of something Ive been expecting for some time, SH pulling the look at me I’m married and we’re both in the acting industry although I am a THEATER DIRECTOR so it’s not quite the same until we work together now that we’re married.


Another anon: Who is responsible for that photo? lmao


Another other anon: So when was that taken? Are there outtakes? Why only from the chest up? I thought Sophs MADE pregnant bellies art


TFOE: All I know is that wasn’t Anne Leibovitz this time. She must’ve had enough with the Vogue shoot if you ask me.

I really wouldn’t be surprised at all if the “rebranding” of Soapy 2.0 goes in the direction of transitioning her away from directing theatrical projects to directing film/TV projects produced by SunnyMarch. That way Bubbles and Soapy could position themselves as the new London/Hollywood “power couple”, and her “directorial work” would be seen by a much larger (and perhaps more tolerant/appreciative) audience.

Oh FFS, SM is a fledgling production house. Putting someone like SH at the helm of important projects would be suicidal, investors are going to look for the type of results that she cannot deliver. Have we learned nothing about her aptitude (or lack thereof) from numerous insiders already? It’s not going to happen because rebranding doesn’t remove SH’s limitations it only obscures them.

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