That close up is worrying. He has a weak chin and it used to give the effect of a double chin, hence all the memes. Herethe double chin effect is gone and his face is so narrow. He used to wear contouring to accent those already distinct cheekbones, but he doesn’t have to do it any more.he just looks freaking exhausted and checked out. Plus what’s with the greasy hair?

He does look worrying. The area around the eyes seems still off – and the lack of life in the eyes….*sigh*

How anyone can look at his face and think he’s happy or healthy is beyond me.

Exactly, I just can’t understand how some people still insist on that. I’m sure they see it, just don’t want to accept the fact – some sort of defense mechanism I guess? It a bit like this:


BC looks just like he did after JR’s trial. Bulking up? Give me a fucking break. He’s lost his spark and even his odd beauty is fading quickly. In less than a year? There is something very bad going on behind the scenes. ER probably hates having to play straight but HB is a friend so he feels like she’s got his back. That’s why he looks as boyish and fresh-faced as ever. BC is partnered with an enemy, someone who has a history of dishonest and downright treacherous behavior. He can’t count on SH to hold her end of the bargain which is a source of constant stress. When is comes to selling the fauxmance he’s doing all the heavy lifting. That peeps is what is wearing him down, universal side-eyeing and probing come in second…


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