Utterly Out of Sync anon:


Looking at these new pics of them together it just reminds me how much I’m always struck by the massive amount of discord and complete miscommunication between them. They are utterly out of rhythm with one another. In any relationship – whether professional, friendship, or love – familiarity leads to an understanding of one another. You begin to know and anticipate one another’s actions and behaviour. Take the hand holding – in a real relationship, you know, where spending time together means you get to know one another better – you get used to each other, you pre-empt each other’s needs and understand unspoken communications. You get to know when it’s ‘time’ to hold hands. There is no awkward groping around for the other’s hand – you reach out and it’s there – that’s what familiarity does. You become able to read each other.

But with these two it’s ridiculous how little any of that exists even in embryonic form. Their inability to anticipate each other’s moves or emotions or needs is a scary reflection of their utter alienation from one another. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want them to be close but I do find it disturbing to think of their true feelings for one another if, after nearly a year together, (TFOE: Whenever I remind myself they have yet to be together for a year and have already been past the GF BF part, the fiance part, got married and have had a child, it makes me think that either a year is a lot longer than it used to be, or they live on a whole nother dimension where one earth minute is a week for them cause then all of this would make a tad bit more of sense) their interaction is still only ever at the level of a couple of complete strangers with no innate sense of who the other is at all. Neither of them EVER seem to be in sync with the other. 

When she’s doing demure and submissive, he’s doing awkward, depressed and uncomfortable. When he’s doing ‘let’s look at each other and pretend we care’, she’s doing her disgusted stare into the distance. God, they’ve been performing this sham for 9 months now and they’ve not even worked out how to do this together properly. They’re still strangers to one another and are as crap now as they were on the first night. How is this level of incompetence even possible? Basically, this plays out as the most painfully mistimed, badly choreographed mess I’ve ever seen – being performed by two unwilling, appallingly underprepared understudies who looked like they’ve never rehearsed together once in their lives. There is no essence of teamwork, they’re both dancing to their own tune, completely remote, independent, disconnected and at odds with each other. I shudder to think how this plays out backstage.

TFOE: Their love reminds me of these couples pictured below the cut. You’ll basically find no difference between BCSH and the other couples.

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Might have something to do with the fact that this fauxmance spun out of control. It was meant to end after AA until SH extended her 15 minutes by going rogue. Might also have to do with the fact that BC is in damage control mode and SH’s found the ShamWow to be a mixed bag. They also act like strangers because they don’t seem to live together. 

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