Reader Submit–Tarot


Ok, So I finally thought I would give myself a try at a reading. This one I used an Oracle deck.

I asked two very simple question:

What is the foundation of their relationship ? I got the Diamond dreamer card wich represents Material wealth and gain, the success of a project (Owning a house,financial stability ect..). Does that sound familiar ? Now one could also say Diamonds are also the symbol of a lasting marriage but lets see the other question, I asked Will this relationship last to the end of this year ? I got the Reversed fire card which says to stay away from someone close who “is aggressive and has high ambitions”. It also means getting burned really badly by something, be aware of overworking,need to let go of a situation and being surrounded by darkness without being able to see the light. So one could make sense of this as in, one of them is not in a good place right now and will probably get in a really bad burnout before the end of this year if that person doesn’t do something about it. Now a funny anecdote , I actually found a feather right in front of me the minute I stepped outside (and I was questioning myself about this reading like I always do) which is usually a confirmation of some kind. And I’ve actually had dreams before about his situation which I believe i posted here.Oh and the only other reading I ever did for this situation is one for BC around Oscar season where I drew the reversed Arrow which means wanting to achieve something but ending up kinda shooting yourself in the foot with the situation you get yourself in.

Yep, The Tower. I keep getting that with regards to the outcome of the ShamWow. It’s going to get ugly if he doesn’t do something pro-active soon. It’s like a karmic lightning bolt that can wreck everything

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