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Alice Eve (L) and Chiwetel Ejiofor attend The Serpentine Gallery summer
party at The Serpentine Gallery on July 2, 2015 in London, England.

hmmm – NO pics with BC for either of them? Alice always did pics with BC in the past.

Just about to say the same thing!!!

So weird. Did he refuse any pics at all with anyone other than Ms Snoot? Or did none of his friends talk to him?


Notice she’s wearing flats?

I used to have mixed feelings about AE but now I realize that despite being somewhat posh she’s not that bad. Especially compared to SH, AE behaves in public and she can do ‘friendly’. Same goes for KB who had enough sense and self-respect to turn BC down. She’s probably thanking her lucky stars she did. I think both her and LH saw the thirst in BC’s eyes. I called it when I started my tumblr years ago, despite liking BC. LH’s Aunt noted BC’s inordinate fascination with their family and probably told her to dump him, smart lady. Got that tea not too long ago. That makes SH punishment incarnate for BC’s past social climbing antics! Faker is right, virtually no one in BC’s circle likes SH. Even TH and AA’s wife can’t stand her…


KB was just an eff buddy. That’s all. Whether she turned him down is irrelevant, b/c she was never his gf in the first place. And I think LH was just a fling/something casual. Nothing more than that.

Benedict is the type of guy that if you are the woman he wants to be with, then you will be on his arm. Not walking 10 feet behind him or in a brief photo with him at a party, never to be seen again. Ursula just had a shining opportunity to trap him, and got presented on his arm under duress.

But notice how in most photos she’s behind him, with him reluctantly dragging her along. Yeah. She’s not his “wife”. She’s just a parasite that he can’t rid of. And definitely not gf/wife material.

Actions speak louder than words. And his future real life wife will be escorted by him, on his arm and by his side. Not walking behind him. Believe that.

I think LH was fun-loving but incompatible, her pedigree did pique his interest though.

KB was BC’s rumored socialite ‘SGF’ that wasn’t game to a fauxmance apparently. So it seems like BC at least considered her a candidate for the role of fake wife. You are right about his body language often betraying his true feelings. BC often walks ahead/behind of SH, he’s half dragged her Raggedy Anne ass, shut her up on the rc, doesn’t help her out of the car, down the stairs, lets her carry her own bags. Basically the opposite of what he does for other people. Once BC is wise enough to attract and keep a good woman I have a feeling that their dynamic will be halfway between that OP and AJ.

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