I guess we’ll get “My Wonderful Life As A New Dad” articles by tomorrow, or at least some “I’m blessed, this is amazing, she’s very cool” shoehorning followed by “BUT PRIVATE!” warnings.

*grabs popcorn*

Well, considering this trainwreck has been about publicity from day one I am not surprised. Notmybaby was born last month, there is no way a woman who got so large would be that flat in less time. She doesn’t even look like she’s wearing shapewear: FAIL. Her kid’s either a Stuntsie or (most likely) Notmybaby. Date fudging to distract from the fact that it ain’t BC’s. Notice how the only time he looks a bit animated is when he has had alcohol. Beforehand? His expression is ‘meh’ and his eyes are flat. BC looked more like he was married to KK! Don’t give me this bull about SH being standoffish either, she’s got no problem with PDA provided it’s with other men. 4th of July too, for the American market…way to go PR!

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