To answer question about Father’s Day picture.  I don’t know where exactly it was taken.  But my download was that the picture was a fake pap shot.  In other words, there was no baby in the pram, the pap was paid by his agent/team, and wherever the pap said he/she took the picture is not the actual place.  I was thinking Scotland, but the exact location was not part of my download.

As for anyone saying I’m lying; I assure you, that is not the case.  I have no idea if my psychic downloads are accurate.  My downloads have been correct about other celebrities in the past, but that doesn’t mean I’m right this time.  For the child’s sake, I hope they live happily ever after.  But I’m 53 years old and have seen a lot of body language in my time.  He has not been a happy man these past few months, and there’s something about her I just don’t trust.  Time will tell.

Again, thank you for sharing your impressions (aka’s downloads). I understand what you mean. I found them quite fascinating! 

I’m also pretty darn good at reading body language and getting impressions from photos like you are (lot of Pisces in my chart plus some “psychic” ability from my family heredity I guess). Anyway, agree 1000% on his body language/appearance/actions. Poor man.

‘Happily ever after’ isn’t going to happen, because of SH’s EBD and the fact that BC’s going to resent being saddled with what is most likely another man’s child. I’ve already had too many premonitory dreams regarding this union and all have had a dire outcome. I’ve seen BC torn apart by wild animals or grow ill and waste away before my eyes. My mother dreamt of people dying and saw spirits ever since she was a small child. She has a similar gut feeling about the SH situation, in fact she does not like her at all. Says that she looks dishonest, scheming and manipulative. My mother said that she sees that BC has a ‘bright’ spirit and that he has a humanitarian mission that is not compatible with his current path. If he goes against his true calling (as he is now) it will be his undoing. “Had he not chosen this field I see him as a spiritual, ascetic figure. There is something very special about him, something good.” 

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