Mega Post (29th June)  # 2



(2/1)  It’s hilarious
how some people get butthurt when anybody says that SH has not personality or
makes some sarcastic comment or remember that she doesn’t work almost 3 years
and yet she travels around the world, the two first are subjective but the
third is a fact

Ballsy:  The first two are
based on what we have seen of her.  The
few interviews, her distinct lack of acting ability/
representing genuine emotions, her interactions with others, reports
from those who have met her etc.  Oh, and
the fact that even with “Mr Gregarious” all she manages from him in the way of
conversation is “you okay?”

The third, despite the CV of much fluffiness – her
last notable work was 69°S which had a
week run
in Feb 2012, and another
for two days in April 2013.  And it looks
to have been funded by a
kickstarter.   And yet, she’s pictured at fancy parties, travels
thru Europe and the U.S. and has plenty of time to trollop around the Scottish
Highlands.   I guess that Spanish SEAT commercial
was a very well paid gig?

(2/2)  Unfortunately
my hair is too short to play SoSo, and my ass too big, well that’s not that
much a feat really.  I think any woman
would have more booty than SoSo.

– Pupok the Scorpion

Ballsy:   Unkemp
wig and a baggy dress  – even an
imaginary Scorpion would pass.  Can’t
forget the dour expression.  And try to
look a little “off”.

SH’s parents weren’t bankrolling her except for a loan here and there. Those CV holes are basically ‘Start Here’ signs for the tabloids. What three years of unemployment coupled with a jet-set lifestyle tell me is…


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