I don’t think using this picture (or basically almost any of the happy couple’s) is going to really get the point across about how truly awesome it is for equal marriage rights having been passed in the US.

That’s a hell of an explanation ATCB, how can anyone refute that much logic in the span of less than 140 characters. Only true tweeters of the more…loyal side of the BC fandom can achieve such level of grace and insinuating people are idiots because they don’t see the sense a BNF account would use the picture of a cis-het couple on a day that same sex marriage gets legalized in the US. Sense makes sense because why WOULDN’T you use the opportunity to insert your one true happy couple when there are actual more pressing matters being addressed in the tweet. But I mean, BC played a gay character on big screen who was his 17th cousin twice removed (or something like that) and officiated a wedding that was for his gay best man, a covert gay spy in TTSS, which basically makes BC a gay icon, which basically means BC is gay, but not gay, but cool with the gay as long as he gets married in the process. 


From a deadbeat SBF and career limbo…

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