This woman is not a pap, she was out taking photos of the heath, saw a celeb and hollered at him when he passed underneath the bridge so hed look up. Obnoxious yes but shes paid for it with endless fan harrassment. I’m friends with her on social media through a photog group, please leave her alone.









Another anon: The woman who took the snap is a photographer who was shooting all over tge heath that day. Her instagram bears that out. Srsly the people insisting on conspiracy everywhere are crazy. We are not that important. Pap shots are arranged with actual paps and sold so they are seen by the public.


TFOE: I know that the OP isn’t a pap, nor have I personally said as such. I’ve been to her website and seen the adorable, truly breathtaking pictures of families and tiny babies she has on there. Also, as BC says, “everyone is a walking publisher,” a few presses on a screen can get information out to the world and that’s what happened. So the OP herself isn’t a pap, yes I know that, but she’s a walking publisher which is basically the function of a pap. To get info that might interest people out into the world.

And yes, it is completely not fair that she’s getting shit from the nannies because she posted a picture of BC pushing a pram. Seriously, the people that find something wrong with that are just looking for something to complain about. It’s not her fault BC was out and about with a pram (already attention grabbing on it’s own) but also going about responding to his name when he himself is aware the extents of the internet and how fast things can spread and the situation he was in pushing the pram he so wanted to keep out of the public eye.

So the fact BC got photographed that day wasn’t the OP’s fault, she saw a chance and took it. It’s a bit on BC for forgetting all media training and common sense in the span it takes to get the picture that catapulted World War PRamGate. The OP shouldn’t be getting the aftermath of the nans, no one really should but they will never stop until no one in the whole wide world is questioning their prince. So a moment of silence for those that have to deal with constant hounding from the nans over the stupidest matters including this picture that when looked in separate parts might not mean much but when looked at taking everything in the past few months into consideration puts in more intrigue than meets the eye. As well as the OP that felt she couldn’t exercise her right to post a picture of a PUBLIC figure pushing an almost camouflaged pram.


I am going to be repeating a lot now…but hell, why not?

What I think of here is, with the obvious way BC feels about these kind of pics by his ‘flip’ response at the Adobe Summit…well…why did he not give that reaction in the photo? Huh…

Now, the nan’s are attacking the photographer…pfttt..

I know BC doesn’t pay attention to these Tumblr blogs ;)…but I have to say…BC-you need to take control…practice what you preach!  Oh yea…you do not like to use social media…so, you will leave it up to your nanny fans to communicate your feelings for you and you get their free promotion eh? 😉 

hahahahhahahahahhaha…BC, you are making yourself look worse every day….and how much worse is it going to get 🙁 .

Good Luck BC with what you can and will get from your nanny fans! xo

No one can tell me that BC didn’t walk out that particular day hoping he’d get spotted. Either tweet or ‘sneaky’ pic, at this point he doesn’t want to make it too obvious. This is only marginally more subtle than Primrose Hill. Everything is strategically planned because he needs to sell this fauxmance. Otherwise? He’d protect his precious privacy so much we would be wondering if he was abducted by aliens. BC’s shown that he can do that if he really wants to and he’s got PR people so no free pass…

He is begging to be outed so he can expose her…. why else would he be so friggin obvious? It’s a game of will at this point between them, because I think she really wants out and is tired of being a nobody behind him. and i say HA! YOU HAD IT COMIN BITCH!

BC does seem paranoid and desperate as all out doesn’t he? You may be right about SH wanting out sooner, she’s not a kind, domestic creature like June Cleaver. She’s independent-minded, egotistical and is tired of living under her SO’s shadows. SH wanted her big break and BC is now getting in her way. Her paltry upcoming gigs? She got them through her own contacts! She must be so pissed off that industry people don’t really care who she is married to. I don’t see her getting that many job offers through BC. SH can’t stand out next to CS or BC because they are genuinely talented! I bet SH will snag an even wealthier husband who doesn’t steal the spotlight. Like some highfalutin investor who is content to work behind the scenes and bankroll her vanity projects.

I don’t see how with everyone knowing what they know about her how anyone would be able to marry her crazy ass, unless they were just as evil and diabolical as she is. 

But hey… crazier things have happened. Part of me thinks that she’s going to receive some major karma concerning her love life as a result of what she’s put him through here.

And one of the reasons why she’s not getting the work in the industry doesn’t have much to do with her being “married” to Benedict… it has to do with her reputation and the fact that she’s pissed a lot of people off with her behavior and shenanigans concerning this fauxmance. 

Oh, and being and evil person on top of it hasn’t helped either. So there you go.

Someone at LL implied that SH was a pseudo-intellectual bimbo. Old theater dude called her ‘useless’ and most of her ideas ‘second rate’…need we go on?

My mama shook her head at SH’s antics. She said that SH had a base cunning but that she’s not very bright, “She has it made! Why is she shootin’ her toes off like that!” See, that’s what leads me to believe that SH is a bonafide loon. Her NPD/BPD gets the better of her causing her to act out in ways that are counterproductive to her long-term interests.

Honestly, she could turn everything around if she really wanted to. But one thing I’ve picked up about her – she wants things handed to her (or, she thinks that she deserves to have certain things given to her, just because she exists). She does not want to work for anything or earn any accolades on her own, hence the piggybacking off of people to get what she wants. And the fact that she sticks her nose up in the air like she’s better than everyone when she’s clearly got nothing going for her – that’s just a person with low self-esteem trying to derive some for themselves by acting like everyone is beneath them.

And instead of doing the hard work to try and earn the likeness of the public, she just thought if she slapped her name up next to Benedict’s and called herself his true love, that people would just automatically like her and fawn over her, even though she’s been behaving like a spoiled brat since day 1. Sorry, honey… it doesn’t work that way. Likeness and respect has to be earned. Just because you exist (and you just happen to be white) doesn’t mean that people will just like you and accept you. You need to be able to back that shit up with some talent.

And as we all know… she has none.

She could turn her life around if she wanted. But that would require leaving the public eye, doing some serious apologizing and doing some serious soul searching. Maybe after she receives a major media and karmic smackdown, she’ll consider doing these things.

If SH has NPD, she’s probably more of a compensatory narcissist. Gambles or someone on his site posted a poem about a little girl who grew embittered and decided that the world owed her. I think he was talking about SH’s entitlement issues. It’s a mask for her massive inferiority complex, unlike a classic narcissist she knows that she’s not all that special. If she learned to develop the talent she does have and share that with others instead of taking advantage of their good nature she could turn her life around. Acting rotten doesn’t make you feel better about yourself…

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