I glimpsed part of a woman in that NT pic that might be SH. (Partial face/hair behind the woman with her back to the camera) It could also be someone else. I don’t like this sitch anymore than anyone else here. But I think he’s trying to make it work. I think she’s going to be around for awhile (though I’d love to be wrong). It makes me a bit sad for him, but don’t y’all feel drained by the level of your emotional investment? Nannies 2. Why is everyone so pressed? You can hate the guy – or not.


Yeah, could be anyone, but I mean, him trying to make it work…? That would mean taking SH on the pram walk even if she had eye bags hanging down to her knees (makes it more official) and wearing pyjamas for a walk that could just be 6 minutes around the block. Making it work would include him not flinching whenever she touches him or vise versa. Not needing to overcompensate by spilling his wedding plans, how they decided on V-day for the wedding, how busy he was talking care of his wife and nursery, probably assembling the pram when he couldn’t go places. That’s making it work. What he’s doing now is surviving with what life has thrown at him, (or better yet HW and a contract) no more, no less. 

SH’s SBF isn’t going to ‘make it work’. According to BI she’s still seeing, if not living with her real babydaddy. It’s no surprise that BC is paying her back in kind by going out with numerous other women. Saving face and legitimizing the Notmybaby is the only thing they are doing. That does not a relationship make, neither do a few outings while living separate lives. It’s not even working as a fauxmance, which is what it is! It wont be too long before they consciously uncouple and start ‘co-parenting’ (well at least before the public). BC may annul and give SH a payout without the disclosing the reason behind their split. It’s probable that his next (real) wife will be one of the only people who will know the truth.

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