Submit: Houston: We Have a Pram Shot!


Just saw this on my tumblr and wanted to share:

Ballsy:  Love a bit of sharing.  I posted the link to SoGo. 
But let’s go full pram photo too!  😀  

Still frumping that it’s a boring pram. 

Oh lawd. Didn’t we say they were going to do this? Like clockwork, good job PR! Funny how BC magically drops off of the map whenever it suits him, you barely see a tweet or a photo anywhere. You mean to tell me that he didn’t take Notmybaby out before? I guess they couldn’t keep the kitten in the bag. Also you don’t get normal photos of the ShamPeople out together. You know like KK and her husband, because the differences between a real couple and this badly staged setup would become too obvious. I look forward to one more exclusive courtesy of The Sun before hunting season begins.

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