i also think that a lot of this is to save face tbh, and maybe convince industry peeps he isn’t a total compulsive liar (no luck w SH, she has been caugh lying, red handed). besides, its not like he has a lot of work to talk about. Hamlet is just gearing up. other than ticket sales, not much to say. DRS will have its run in time, but thats marvel controlled. not like the industry is lined around the block for him now. oh but wait, its little girls w camera phones thats ruining his career >_>





Yeah. I think they’re definitely trying to convince the industry of something.

Waaaaaay too late for that though.

I worry about that more than PR seems to. I wish they would just fix it.

OMG THIS!!!!  Just fix it FFS.

The problem is that they aren’t fooling anyone in the industry. Word’s gotten around about the fauxmance, so I’d say it’s more about proving that he can sell it. Try as he might though, he’s still failing to pull it off. Which is only going to make him the subject of derision and we are already seeing that. If it were real like it was with OP it would be effortless. Let’s face it, lying to this extent is something BC’s just not very good at. 

My mom has the second sight. She assured me that BC had to get rid of SH and distance himself from big showbiz for a few years at least. She said she felt that BC had a spiritual calling to help others, an inner light. She also sensed something very negative about SH and that she isn’t working alone. Funny how she didn’t know a lot about her and she reached the same conclusion Vincent did. If BC allows bitterness and corruption into his heart it will be the end of him. BC’s emotional nature is not resilient enough for him to prosper in a toxic environment like the one he’s in now.

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