He is gay. Info from CDAN. And you were right, he is a pervert.


Uhm–okay and where exactly would this CDAN info be at?

Well, I am not going to say he isn’t because he does ping a bit. I have my doubts but I have always thought that he might be bi with a preference for men. If he is gay then he wouldn’t be the first person that’s very good at hiding it. There are plenty of examples of very well closeted actors going back to old Hollywood. The general public didn’t suspect anything until the truth came out years after their deaths. I also figured that he was into kinky stuff when I read the rumors about BDSM and an article about him being a regular at The Box etc. The CDAN BI about the 25K spent on escorts? Who is to say that they were women? ‘Rentboys’ are all the rage among wealthy gay men. 

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