Information about the fact that he and Sophie and Vicky, were all together in concert elbow. Another proof that they do not hate each other. And Ben was not forced to play this circus. He invented himself, and he clumsily executed. Harvey is work different. Stop feeling sorry for him, he had it all organized. He needed a beard, he found her among his women friends.






If I recollect, I have never felt bad for BC. He got himself to where he is today whether it was intentional and under his whole volition, or if it was a blindsided move from SH, or TWC or even the gerbil from the corner. He has had chances to get out of this now that Academy Season is over but here he is, Almost Sir BC and his new babe in their first precious weeks which could actually already be closer to a month. 

He looks mighty hag-ridden for a man whose plan supposedly worked out. If he gets any more pressed, he’ll be able to fit between airline seats on his next flight. 

This troll tried this with me. Didn’t acknowledge their existence.

At this rate he can be AAck’s carry on – just have him bend over and slide him into the overhead compartment.



Haha! Good one. Well, SH was already part of his larger circle of friends and she purposely ingratiated herself with him. In part at HW’s behest, because BC was “looking for company and she’d be perfect”. This is a woman who called BC ‘disgusting’ just a few years go and said he’d look odd (to her) if he weren’t so famous later on. It’s obvious SH can’t stand him but she couldn’t let her target know that. BC trusted her enough to work with her on the fauxmance. Yes I blame BC to some extent but this is a derailed sham that snowballed out of control. We don’t know what was being held over his head, were it a simple bearding arrangement he wouldn’t look like crap. BC and SH were on friendly terms because he had no idea what SH was really like. She dropped the ‘nice’ front once she had him in the crosshairs.

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