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Remember when the BAFTAs happened at the beginning of February? Remember when PissyBatch turned into SmugBatch for the night? Remember when people lip-read her saying “You’ll pay for this” during the photos on the red carpet?

Do you remember a few folks saying at the BAFTAs that Harvey Weinstein…

Well, in the UK people have to wait one year to divorce. Also rumored to be moving into the ShamHouse next year. IMO BC+SH will split soon but but will wait to announce it, they may be under a HWood style fauxmance contract and SH+Notmybaby+SBF are going to get a new house (or $$$). I thought about the above scenario as well, if they got along well it could extend for a few years more. Not happening though, cause this ain’t TomKat. But I think BC may still pull a ‘not his’ when the deal is over. He may be stringing SH along for now so her final payout could be less than she expects.

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