so this is interesting. im on a parenting BS site. basically
just a chat site that gabs about almost everything other than kids. i saw this
little nugget, but the thread was already dead so couldn’t ask follow ups. ill
keep an eye out.


Ballsy:  Message Board Comments.  So sprinkle salt. 
And I had a few similar “I know someone in
theatre” submits yesterday with numerous birthdates/methods/places etc.   So there’s that. 

But this does reiterate what we’ve heard before – that theatre folk talk, and
the talk gets around, but not to mainstream media.  And within the industry – he’s at the very
least being gossiped about behind his back and it’s looking like he’s a bit of
a laughing stock there too.  And … this ^^^ is the rumour going around within the industry, and
he’s about to head back to the theatre.

No one says anything…except the tabs. This is going to pick up momentum until it blows up in their faces. Had Dontcallmejane not given The Sun the scoop it would have died down. I did say that if he wants to avoid a scandal BC will quietly annul and then put an embargo on questions regarding the split. It wont be a divorce, he wont pay child support (legally he wont have to), just pony up a voluntary lump sum or property in exchange for SH’s silence. No one except those closest to him will know that it was because Notmybaby. He gets out without looking like a fool, sure there will be murmurs but flash-in-the-pan marriages are common in showbiz. Most people didn’t expect it to last anyway! 

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