I looked at the line on his hands and I am not saw he had the opportunity to have children. And he has only one marriage, so I hope that he does not register the marriage.



So he will only marry this one time and the child is another man’s? I do believe the real father is SH’s lover and I don’t think BC’s going to be keen on tying the knot again. Not after this nightmare, so he may just live with a partner post-divorce. I never thought BC was well suited to marriage anyway, not without some major personality adjustments. 

No. He was only meant to be married once and have children only with his true love. That is why all of this is fake, messed up and crazy, b/c none of this fuckery was supposed to happen at all.

And you flip flop a lot on the things you say. You put a post on Cumberastro a while back stating that he would “remarry” and have children with his future wife, and now you are saying he won’t? Is this your personal opinion that he shouldn’t? Or do you know something everyone else doesn’t?

I didn’t flip flop but I do find it helpful to take other views into account.

Palmistry can be quite accurate but it’s not my specialty. This mess gets uglier by the day which is bound to adversely impact his view of marriage. I had hopes that he would escape before he got burned extra crispy but this is going to end like the Hindenburg. I posted that Tarot guy said that SH had the potential to ruin him for other women a while back…

Despite his warnings, I’ve always talked about BC finding his true love and possibly having his own children. I don’t recall saying that he would definitely remarry though, he may opt for a MF/AA type setup instead. As he exposes more of his flaws the more apparent it is becoming to me that, as a spouse, he’s no walk in the park. He’s also got a lot of cheater aspects…

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