Draconic Chart: Benedict



A Draconic chart is intended to represent one’s highest spiritual advancement.

It is developed by taking the North Node and rotating it until it is at 0 Aries. The entire chart rotates with it.

To be clear, all of the planets stay in the same house and aspect each other exactly as before. The only thing that changes is the sign and degree of the planets, points, and house cusps.

Benedict’s Draconic Chart:


This would make Benedict a Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Moon with Aquarius rising. Read the chart as you would any other chart.

As to how many children he could have, Cancer is on the cusp of his fifth house in the Draconic chart. The house ruler the Moon conjuncts, squares, trines, or opposes (by application) 5 planets before changing signs. Five possible children.

Of particular interest to people who have been speculating about what Benedict is looking for in a partner. His Draconic Descendant is 29 Leo 22, conjunct the kingmaker fixed star Regulus.

He is looking for a queen.

This does not necessarily mean somebody with a title. This would be a lady who carries herself with confidence and respect. He will want a partner who helps him in his charity work, who shares his ‘caretaker of the world’ approach. Somebody who can dress appropriately, who views leadership as a ‘servant of the people’.

In other words, not Sophie.

Took the words out of my…fingertips Gator. IMO a Taurus woman with strong Leo influences would be ideal.

SH? Typical Piscean. She’s not regal, she resembles a petulant petty noble at best. She throws tantrums on the fly and behaves in an unseemly manner during the most important of events. We’ve had regular folks note how loud, obnoxious and downright rude she can be. She is entitled, selfish in the extreme and looks like the type that thumbs her nose at her social ‘inferiors’. Gambles is blatantly racist and I have a feeling that she is too. BC can at least adapt to his surroundings, SH seems incapable of doing that. 

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